"It was overwhelmed. It pressed down on my chest, making it hard for me to breathe. Because I felt like I understood this man more than anyone ever could and all I wanted to do was wrap my arms around him tight and whisper in his ear he wasn’t alone. My heart had been broken before, and right there on the promenade, it broke again. Because I knew that this man and the little girl he loved so much were going to use me up and leave me in pieces.

Hello People!!!

No, I did not forget about you!!!
Still, it's a long way from when you last read something from me.


From today we start with a beautiful series that I honestly planned from before but Samantha Yang  positively disrupted my plans. Sincerely, since May, I began to prepare the reviews for the Dublin Street series. And just before I finish off my summer  vacation and start writing, I got an email from Samana in which she offered me a part in Play On tour.

I honestly am  not disappoint myself at all from this new book. I can safely say that Play On is all we needed for this fall.

Samantha, as in all previous parts of Dublin to
the Nightingale Way, draw us all into a deep family and emotional drama.
In doing so, we are re-moving us from the USA to the streets of beautiful Scotland.

But let's say something about Aidan and Nora.
And I'll never forget her ...... Sylvie!!!

The moment you think you're stuck in your current life.When you think you'll never be able to move on.
When you feel excessive pain and guilt at the same time.
They say in those moments usually someone like a thunderbolt comes out to show you a hand.
But what if he is handsome to the grave, just as irritating, which causes a butterfly tornado to your stomach.

So actually Nora feels, the moment she meets Sylvia volunteering at the hospital for children.
Or more precisely, her famous uncle ... who has already met him once. 
The first time he caught her before she hit her head in the floor of the restaurant where Jim got up with a drunken guest or the day he appeared in the market where she worked at that time.

Still the feeling of guilt that Nora has because of her husband's sudden death.
The feeling of guilt for leaving her parents.
And still unbearable pain due to the death of her best friend.

They hinder them from looking at those eyes, recognizing the significance of the butterflies in her stomach and giving up on what follows.
To that wonderful feeling that he did not meet with Jim, that excitement, passion and madness.

And while she thinks that Aidan is just a selfish arrogant egoistic type, turned into a superhero in the eyes of his ten-year-old  niece.
In fact, he will come across a lousy, honest and deeply hurt man.

Suddenly, she will run into a person to whom he can finally open his soul, a man who experienced almost the same pain as she.
Someone who can finally understand her, without accusing her, without mocking her.

And she is not just one of those girls who only want sex.

For Aidan, Nora is much more !!!

But will Nora be able to live with all those feelings .....
Can she finally go where she stopped with Jim?Will she finally succeed in accomplishing everything she dreams of all these years ???Will everything accomplish what he did five years ago deep in the night from home?

Oh, no, no 
I will not tell you anything more 😂😂😂

I'll leave you to take this beautiful book into your hands, make tea or coffee, comfortably put yourself in your beds and enjoy.

Because Play On is all we need for this Autumn.

P. S. For the first time I am going to write excerpt and author biography in this post. 
And yes it's only one picture in this blog post that's just because Play On is my first kindle book  😊🤗🤗
But don't worry guys I will buy the book when she's been in my country  and will be able to make a lot's of pictures  😉

Keep Calm 
And stay sexy royals 
Until the next post 
Your royal girl  😉



Despite Seonaid’s warning that I couldn’t keep
my feelings bottled up, I tried very hard to convince myself that I was okay with how things had played out with Aidan. That I needed to be okay so I could go on living my life in perfect contentment. While he gallivanted around the theater with his beautiful women and horse-assery.
Finding my Zen, however, was proving more difficult than I’d thought. I was a bundle of confused feelings. At war with myself.
So it wasn’t any wonder I reacted the exact opposite of how I’d hoped when Aidan finally confronted me in private.
Having to meet up with another student to work on an assignment we had for a tutorial, I hadn’t seen any point in heading home to Sighthill only to have to return to Tollcross for rehearsal. I’d grabbed a salad from a shop on Potterrow, and walked to the theater. I was ninety minutes early so no one was there. Thankfully, Quentin was usually at the theater during the day so the doors were open. When I got inside the auditorium, however, it was pitch black.

“Quentin?” I called out. “Are you here?”
My voice echoed.
But the silence told me I was alone. I wondered if Quentin had accidentally left the theater unlocked. I’d need to let him know.
Switching on the stage lights to make me not feel like I was about to become part of a horror movie, I found my way into an empty dressing room.
Eating my salad, I worked on a paper, waiting for the minutes to tick by.
A noise far off in the distance made me still like a rabbit caught in headlights. I cocked my head, listening, and sure enough, footsteps approached. Blood rushed in my ears as my pulse raced. I then cursed myself for being freaked out when it was obviously a cast member who was—I glanced at my watch—an hour early.
I waited, and the dressing room door I had left slightly ajar squeaked open.
My breath caught at the sight of Aidan filling the doorway.
He crossed his arms and his ankles and leaned against the jamb, staring at me dispassionately.
All I could do was stare back, my emotions whirling in a mess of feelings, like a tornado, with no thought to what it was sucking up into its wind funnel. “What are you doing here?” I finally said, my voice hoarse.
“I was sitting in the coffee shop across the way and I saw you come in.”
“You followed me?”
“I argued with myself about it for a while. But aye.”
Adrenaline coursed through me and made my hands shake. I curled them into fists and hoped I looked back at him with as much boredom as he was bestowing upon me. “Why?”
“Curiosity.” He shrugged.
“Were you always such a heartless robot and I was just too fucking blind to see it?”
I flinched, knowing this was the moment I should tell him that Laine had lied to me. But I couldn’t get the words out. I wanted to and I didn’t want to.
So fear of him hating me and fear of him loving me left me in some kind of exasperated, frustrated no-man’s land. I shot to my feet. “If you came here to use me as your emotional punching bag, you can leave,” I hissed.
His eyes flashed and he pushed off the jamb, coming into the room. For the first time, I hated that I had to tip my head back to look up at him. “Not before I tell you what I really think of you, Nora, instead of hiding it behind the subterfuge of giving a fuck what happens with this play.”
“You are the biggest coward I’ve ever met in my life. You’re weak and emotionally defunct. What’s worse is how fucking manipulative you are—”
“I’ve never met anyone who had me so fucking fooled!” His chest heaved as his cool fled in the wake of his rage. “You lied and strung me along, fled when the going got tough, not once but goddamn twice, and I’m the idiot who let you do that to me.”
“But rest assured, Nora, you are the last woman who is ever going to make a fool out of me. I see you now. Who you really are. A fucked-up, selfish, self-involved, immature little—”
Whatever horrible thing he was going to call me next, I swallowed it in my kiss. Unable to bear his contempt any longer, but not knowing.

ABOUT Samantha Young

Samantha Young is the New York Times,  USA Today  and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of adult contemporary romances, including the On Dublin Street series and Hero, as well as the New Adult duology Into the Deep and Out of the Shallows.  Every Little Thing, the second book in her new Hart’s Boardwalk series, will be published by Berkley in March 2017. Before turning to contemporary fiction, she wrote several young adult paranormal and fantasy series, including the amazon bestselling Tale of Lunarmorte trilogy. Samantha’s debut YA contemporary novel The Impossible Vastness of Us was published by Harlequin TEEN in ebook & hardback June 2017. Play On is an adult contemporary romance and the first in a brand new series set in Scotland.

Samantha has been nominated for the Goodreads Choice Award 2012 for Best Author and Best Romance for On Dublin Street, Best Romance 2014 for Before Jamaica Lane, and Best Romance 2015 for Hero. On Dublin Street, a #1 bestseller in Germany, was the Bronze Award Winner in the LeserPreis German Readers Choice Awards for Best Romance 2013, Before Jamaica Lane the Gold Medal Winner for the LeserPreis German Readers Choice Awards for Best Romance 2014 and Echoes of Scotland Street the Bronze Medal Winner for the LeserPreis German Readers Choice Awards for Best Romance 2015.
Samantha is currently published in 30 countries and is a #1 international bestselling author.


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