Hello People!!!

I am  back  😂😂😂

Today I will not write review about one of my books, but I'll write about my first year like book blogger.
I still can't believe it's been one year since I've  written my first book review.
But I remember like it was yesterday.
I was scared, my blood pressure was off limits, but my mind was calm and ready for this.

I am introvert girl who love to read, make art and watch romantic movies.
But my biggest love is my writing, I love to write, I don't remember the day I've don't want to write.

So.... one Sunday morning in first quarter of October one year ago, I've  decided that it's time for me to show the world my work.
Tree months before,I was searching for idea and after long time I find out that all blogs are about fashion, life style and food, and don't get me wrong I like them. But I am introvert who loves to hang out in small, neighborhood coffee bars and drink good coffee or wine and talk about everything.
So I was kind of lost in all of that blogs.

In the end I've been come out with one idea.... I called her THE ROYAL DIARY  😉

In that time I've been bought eight part of Harry Potter serial  and  my blogger life begin.

After that everything come up so quickly.

Few months after my start I've  received mail from Alya Khomenok with offer to write review for her Ellis the crawculia children's  book.
Then Hannah Fielding,Mimi Vlaovic and Time Tasevski accepted my offers to wrote reviews for their books.
Each book was different from another, from hot romance under Andalusian sky, through one perfectly positive and encouragingly relationship between totally different people, to the one wonderful pocket book written with a lots of passion and love.

Here I must tell something about these people which let me to read and write about their books.

I have to say that I had excellent cooperation with Hannah  .
The big understanding and support on her side it was of paramount importance for my job. From beginning I had great feedback from its side, and its size as the author does not pose any problem for our cooperation.
And her Legacy ..... She left me without words exactly like every book written by her.

After that Mimi was a little mess hahhahhah sorry girl, at first I was thinking "this will never work ", then after month or more after our dial she finally find time to send me copy of her book   ROUTE AT FIRST LOOK and after first two chapter I was in love with her book, at the end her book jumped on the top of my favorite book list.

Than Tome, he was a bit difficult and I can swear he wasn't believe in my work at first. But his two books  WILD AFFECTION AND UNTAMED WILDNESS were absolutely perfect despite excessive literary accuracy in the way of writing.

At the end for unexpected birthday surprise was one mail from Samantha Young's assistance in which was here offer for me to be part of Review and Excerpt Tour for her two new books Play On and VILLAIN.
And I can tell you people this was real experience with lots of expectations, thigh schedule and  more time spent behind my laptop.

However I am proud of my baby  😄
We were honest and realistic no matter what.
Now we are one year old and we are not freshman anymore but we will stay same like we were from start with little positive changes like City Girl Columns.

At the end of this very long BIRTHDAY POST I will let all of you to see pictures  from the books I wrote reviews and much more.














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