"Mozes da radis sve sto pozelis u zivotu.
                 Mozes vecito da budes
            Ali NIKAD,slusaj me dobro
                      NECU TI DOZVOLITI!!! "

          " You can do whatever you want in life.
You can be angry on me forever.
But NEVER , listen to me carefully YOU WILL NEVER LEAVE ME

Hello People !!!

I am here again like every weekend, with another book.
You know what,in this week i find out that on Balkan have very very talented writers.Yes I am not kidding. While we are going crazy about New York Bestsellers,they are writing more interesting stories which can stand side by side with Bestsellers.
This one is of that kind.

Andrea Kingston has written one very wonderful book. 

Book about one complicated family story,complemented with one big love.
The story is coming from capital town of Serbia,Belgrad which gave as more attention. More attention just because is written with one style that is suitable for the World Bestsellers.

Nevena is one normal girl from neighborhood who works like social worker in local school in Belgrade,but nothing is normal here.
In the moment when Aleksandar,one very sexy Superman will appear in her office with story that her parents actually are not her biological parents and that mix up happend long time ago in hospital,her life with go in totally diferent direction.
From one normal twenty five woman,she'll become milonare heiress.
Now with two pairs of parents,while she is trying to get back in her normal life,he is driveng her crazy.
Aleksandar is one of thoese kind of men who can have everythig what he want,and now he wants her.
But not for one night,because one night with her its not enough. For the first tim in his life he want some woman like never before.
And she is not easy. 
But every real man have plan B.

I know you are alredy in love with him,me too 😉

Now some of you will ask me Am I sure about the autor,because this look like its written by Samantha or Julie James. But it's not, this is one perfect love story by Andrea Kingston.
However I am book blogger and I would be idiot if  I'm not honest with you.

The book is wonderful but I would like to see somenthing more. Maybe more plot,bigger story behind Atinas attack,behind her sister's madness. I was look for more mistery,more triler,and maybe more sexy scenes.

But at the end all book get me from the first page.

This book you can find on two languages English and Serbian.

English on Amazon .....

On Serbian language is avaliable in 
- Delfi Bookstore or on this link

- Konkursi Regiona on this link

- Prsing on the link

Now here it comes your favorite part 😃😃😃
Few pictures at the en





  1. Replies
    1. Thanks for your comment and support 😊
      Yes it's very good book 😉

  2. Great review this book really does looks and sounds like a great book. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome post.


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