Hello people πŸ€—

How are you today??? What are you doing???
I am drinking my morning coffee and watching #Wimbledon on SportKlub and I am preparing for my blog's special event.
One year ago I found Elizabeth Adler books in one of the best book stores in my country Kultura. And I fall in love with.

First thing which I spotted on her book was cover. Yes every cover is so artistic, full with colors and it's like photography from your last summer holiday. The other thing was that every book of hers has been named by one of the most visited tourist places, like Paris, Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Toscana, Capri, Amalfi etc. The last thing is that she has very good and addictive way of writing. She writes crime, trailer, drama, family and love in one combination.

So in this HOT days of July I have decided to make ELIZABETH ADLER MONTH.
All month on my Facebook page @TheRoyalDiary with help of some of my book friends I have online event.
Online event for all Elizabeth books where we can talk about why we love her or not, what we like in her way of writing, what's your favorite book.
So..... Today at 12pm we are beginning with #LastTimeISawParis

So come and check out I am sure you will like it πŸ˜‰

I will meet you there 😘


  1. She is new to me, I'll have to check into her listings, thanx for the information

  2. Not heard of her before. Looks good though.

  3. You all are welcome on my Facebook page so you can see what we are talking and thinking about her

  4. Great post, this is the first time I heard about this author Elizabeth Adler, thank you so much for sharing the info and for sharing your awesome post!

  5. Guys thank you for following me all the time Elizabeth Adler was new for me too one year ago but very soon I found out that she is so good. However like my Facebook page which you can find up on the page so you can know something more about Elizabeth and her books which are available on Amazon. Ofcourse tomorrow I will post first of her five book reviews.
    And I am planning to make events like this every month so would like to here from you which one to choose next πŸ€”


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