Hello people 🙋

How are you today???
I'm enjoying with Sport Klub and Wimbledon. Federer is playing so so good actually he is incredible.
And because the weather out is so bad, the sky is black, its raining all morning and it's to cold for summer I am stuck in my apartment.
But the best way to make this weather better is to take the best book in your arms and go to travel between the pages 😉

And I bring you all to Paris with me!!!!!

LAST TIME I SAW PARIS is one of many Elizabeth Adler books.

Last Thursday when I've started my Facebook page   Online Event  called "Elizabeth Adler Month" I find out that most of you never heard of her.
That's made me sad.
Because she is so good author.
Her style of writing is so interesting and addictive. Every book of hers is named by one of the most visited tourist places in the world. The most beautiful cities in the world are her inspiration. And main stage for whole story.
She writes in one specific and unique way.
I don't see some similarities in other authors.

Two years ago when I first bought one of  her books "Meet me in Venice " I don't bought because I liked that book, or because I have heard about the author I bought it because I was bored and because the pocket eddition was really cute. Yes it was one of my impulsive shoppings.
And the book was seating on my book shelf for one year, so one day when I was out of new books and to lazy go out and search for a new book I took that one.
It was around afternoon when I started and late night same day when I finished.
So few days after I went to Kultura ( one of top five publishing house in Macedonia)  which is official and only house that translates Elizabeth Adler books on Macedonian, and both rest of the books.
Today they have three more and one on the way but I will get them soon 😂😂😂

However Last time I saw Paris was the last one I've read.
From Cincinnati ti to the  Paris it's one interesting journey.
The big difference here in this book is that this one is one strictly family and love story. Only drama here is the Lara's relationship and her boring life. There's no crime, action and trailer like in the other books.
BUT It's one very interesting and informative story.
It's story where you can learn how to NOT Be and What You don't need to do.
The story to show how much you need to believe in yourself and love and respect yourself FIRST!!! 

Story begins with Lara's 45th birthday morning.
And suddenly she realizes that she is old and she starts to think that she is not sexy and beautiful. Later that morning when her super handsome, super awesome and very important    children's surgeon and so famous husband cheating her with his few years younger colleague.
And everything what she is doing is trying to make him jealous. Without any sense of reality.
If you ask me  at first she is putting herself last at the least of priorities just because of her amazing husband.
Without realizing how much beautiful, smart and attractive she is.
And on this way while she is waiting him to come back to  her, he call her from around the world to tell her that he has another appointment to do this time in India.
And suddenly her second honeymoon and anniversary are canceled out of blue.
She is furious.
In that time one handsome, young and incredible man who is actually just handyman and is here to fix the porch of her family summer house cross path with her pain and broken heart.
Dean is speechless of her beauty. But her nonsense and that she doesn't realize how beautiful and special she is.
On this journey they are going on vacation together.
It spouses to be their first and best holiday ever but these two are on totally different page.
She is  repeating her first honeymoon with her still  husband without telling that to Dean.
And he just wants to enjoy their first holiday together and trying to show her how much beautiful she is, how much he loves her and that they are real.


Of course I will not tell you more than this 😂😂😂 but I will welcome you to join me on my Facebook page and call you to attend my online event 😉

See you there 😘


  1. It's great when you find an author you love to read. Last time I saw Paris sounds good.

  2. That’s awesome that you were able to find it translated!

  3. I love when I find an author whose stories do that for me. I found that in Mary Campisi's A Family Affair series.

  4. I love when books surprise me that way!

  5. Not heard of the author before. Looks good though

  6. Don't you love it when you have gem just sitting on your shelf!

  7. Great review, I totally agree with Jo that it is great when you find an author that you love to read her books, thank you so much for sharing your awesome post.


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