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How are you doing this Friday  people, I am watching basketball Turkish Airlines Euroleague. And juggling between my promise to you and my favorite clubs, yeah that's the main reason why I failed to publish it yesterday's book review. But when Fenerbahce and CSKA are playing at same time what can I do 😌😌😌
And both clubs won, so tonight I have only 40hy minutes to post this post until  next game because my third favorite club Olympiacos are playing.
And they didn't make it 😣 yeah I am writing this part of my tonight book review post after the game 😌
So it's almost midnight and I promise you that I will be short and clear πŸ˜‰

However let's talk about Nora Roberts second book of Cordina's Royal family series.
Comancd Performance is my favorite part now I will tell you why.
I know that all of you admitted or not have dreams about "Prince Charming " and probably he is beautiful, athletic, kinde, in one world PERFECT, but I have some different images about  my kind of "Prince Charming".
In many things that Prince Charming is literally like Prince Aleksandar of Cordina.

Yes maybe a greater period he is stubborn, serious and concentrated on his position and what comes with. But inside that shield of protocol and obligations he is the best man what a woman can wish for.
Aleksandar is born and raised to be next Crown Prince of Cordina, he is always calm and his poker  face is more than perfect. But behind that Royal tittle he is just a man like others.

On the other side Iv is free spirit,creative artist with brilliant mind. They know each other for years and always have that vibration in air between them but this time everything is different.

This time Alex will need to admit to himself that SHE is the One. That is whole world she is the one that can really understand him, that she is the one that really loves him, that she is the one that he can't live without.

But just to be clear it's not easy for Iv too. She was always like home here in Cordina and she must admit that that first Cordina's Spring Ball in all that crowd HE was the only one man she noticed. And now after all this time he is the one that make her to act like crazy and don't want to get out of her mind and heart if we are honest. But she at the end she can't live without him anymore and if that means that she'll need to change her life from the beginning and give up a lot of things.... She will do it!!!

Yeah folks this is one really wonderful love story.
With many emotions and feelings.
In this part Nora definitely had  show, describe and bring to us one real picture of manly love.
Yeah don't get me wrong but for me to write about men's way of love is the hardest thing to do.
But she did it the best.

However you need to take and read the book than you will see what am I talking about.

I am recommend you this book for this second half of January.
For those who are living in Macedonia Cordina's Royal family books by Nora Roberts are available in TOPER book stores and all big markets like VERO, Ramstore and Tinex

Royals.... it's 00:00 o'clock I think that this can be all for today.

See you at Monday with fresh new blog post and something very new πŸ˜„
But let me surprise you all  πŸ˜‰

Have a nice weekend gays 😘


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