Hey gays you are still here 🤔 that's good because weekend is over and I have to tell you more about the last two books of Nora Roberts Royal family 🤗😏

So let's do it. Are you ready for this ???Then it's not good by me to keep you waiting.

The Playboy Prince is the name of the third part of Cordina's Royal family series.
And I love when I see that tittle on some book, I don't know why but always keep  my attention.
Maybe because I believe that every "Playboy Prince or Man" is usually the best gentleman ever. And they are always smart, beautiful and kind person.
Just like Prince Bennett of Cordina.
For the press and the whole world he is just a Playboy Prince born in castle and raised with golden  spoon. But for those who really knows him,  he is one wonderful son, great brother and really good friend. He is also passionate horse raider and very loyal to his family.
But inside he is incomplete and lately very nervous.

And there is Hannah.
Outside she is nothing more than perfect oldmade from the 80th century, when main streets of London were cover with caldrma and people were wearing formal clothes on the streets.
But inside she is the smartest person Bennett ever met.
But she is not just another British Aristocratic Girl who wants to be friend and nanny with the next Crown Princess of Cordina.
Hannah is the best MI6 secret agent and now she is here on Rick's call to help him protect the family and finally put the end of the Debock's trouble.
And when you are secret agent you can't have social life and real relationship or you just don't want.
But.... When Hannah get to know real Bennett,the man behind that Playboy Prince masque she fall in love with him.
And if you ask Bennett he never meet some smart and charming girl like her. And with her he finally feel complete and calm.

But every happy story has trouble path to the happy end.

And if you ask me this story is one of those who makes you believe in fairy tales.
Who makes you believe that real gentleman's still exist and that behind every Playboy man is one really wonderful person.

See you tomorrow folks with something very new but... It's not book review 😉

Stay crazy and keep that kid inside you 😀


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