New Year Resolution post 😉

Hey royals 🤗

How are you doing this few days in 2018?
Are you started to making your new year goals or all of you are still on winter break except me 😉
But someone needs to work here. And for some book blogger or more precisely for some book nerd like me this time of year is the best time for work.
Don't get me wrong I adore Christmas and New Year time but when is the best reading period  than this.
I love when I can sit in front of my weekend house fireplace with cup of grape wine or get under my favorite blanket with cup of warm hot chocolate and new interesting book.
And when we are talking about books I was very big nerd this days so I read it  only four books 😊
Yeah just four 😉
And I will tell all about it in next post 😀
Happy New Year folks and don't stop being book nerds 😘
See you tomorrow with fresh new blog post 😊
Yeah don't start laughing now I know that I was little lazy but from this day I promise to all of you that I will publish new post every day.
Yeah that's my New Year Resolution and I will keep my promise 😊
Because staring tomorrow I am expanding my blog with movie review category.
So keep reading your favorite The Royal Diary blog.

See you tomorrow 😘


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