How early can you woke up to the stubbornness?

In 05:30 when another dawn breaks, when birds sleeping.
Seriously, can you wake up at 05:30 in the morning , having to drive almost empty underground when the morning has not started
and in the middle of Chicago?
And why?

Just of stubborn ?!

Hello People !!!
Here I am again. With this post I begin a series of Julie James books.
A few years ago at the annual book fair at the stand of a then brand new record label called “I Love Books ran into for me the first book by Julie James.
Let Wins Better (org.Practice makes perfect)  translated into Macedonian.
Drew me summaries on the back of the cover, but what the cover was unable to tell me it is that I will soon spend all that money on every book by Julie James that will drop me at hand.
But to be brief ... :D
They say when it comes to the laws of attraction ..... there are no rules.
And what if they really attracts one who constantly walks on your nerves? Or it comes from which you can drink all the whiskey without ice in one gulp.

Yeah ....... what then?
It is simple ....... you're setting up rules.
For example you manage to wake up at dawn, just to get the job before him.

Seriously, Peyton!?
Yeah .... but ..... he again arrived in front of you.
Oh ..... no chance !!!
Hahahahaha !!! Julie James I have to tell you. You have a special engaging way of writing.
To the extent that when someone will take it in  hands your book,you don’t leave it in peace until the last page.

This book is a duel between a confident, rude and invincible woman and an ambitious, arrogant, hellish looking man.

Or short ..... Peyton Team against Team JD.

Hmmm ..... be invented?

Those who read at least one book by Julie James will understand.
Well .... in that case let them win better.
But ….. how do you think …… better ???
Yeah …. Oh yeah !!!
What if both are good, in fact the best senior lawyers of the firm, those with thousands of hours as cases, and none lost while behind a tousand dollars of your budget.
How then do you choose? Whom to improve?
The wealthy son of a famous judge who would have brought a lot of new customers or the girl with an outstanding reputation raised by a single hippie, free-spirited mother of all add and feminist.
And what do they think of all this?
Julie James literally can capture the moment the so-called hatred of the true positive excitement, those small but strong first sparks of love and of that child who still lives in us.
Eight years Peyton and JD console from work, neglecting many  of, for other people normal social life at 100% derived cases. However .... for some types of people enjoying the work means no working hours, weekends, horrible Mondays, holidays, failed relationships and missed events. But the good of all comes the grand prize ...... improvement in a junior partner.

And ....... suddenly BAM ....... there is room for only one !!!

I am sorry !? What?! 

And all things began so innocently !!!
When Ben called them and gave a common task.
The moment one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the country, making big claim for sex discrimination and ask your lawyer's office, while'll clear it does not want old wolves to handling the case, what would you do next?
It is simple, especially if you only have two young but senior lawyers with vast experience, thus ripe for promotion.
Somewhere Peyton and JD stuck together ......... professionally  :D

And when it comes to professionalism in the workplace, they have absolutely no problems working together.
But absolutely  !!!
But as fate would intervene their fingers know simple things often become extremely complicated.
Here fate is in the hands of Julie James.
Yes, she knows so well to tailor the fate that you start feeling butterflies in the stomach when you see her name on the counter.
Hopeless romantics, here we finish and will leave your brains cooled, and as you finish your course is in the bookstore.

Uh wait, wait comrades ...... not finished !!!
I want to read what you think and what book by Julie James want next week?
Now finished :D
See you next week!!!

Your Royal Girl 


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