No crying in baseball

Hello People !!!

When I started to run this blog I had planned once a week to publish one criticism, purely to give you space to read a book that I wrote about, and to give myself space to think good about book for which I write.

However .... two weeks have passed since my last post, and I feel like a little kid who broke her mom’s favorite vase . It is not that the accuracy is my fault, but sometimes there are situations where you just can not be on time.

Just like in the post about the book that I chose for this week.

Just the sexiest man alive by Julie James is the book that I wanted to stay to the end, however after playing coincidence this book hit second on the list of the James series.

Many of you which  in Jason found their perfect one , will not agree with me and this week's post.
In my opinion this is the most classic story written by Julie James. And the only place where the classic isn’t  always in fashion are between the covers of the book. Do not get me wrong, I'm not saying it is not worth reading. Just want to say that this book left me with the most impact in terms of everybody else.
Unlike other stories of James taking place in Chicago, this is the drama of Hollywood. Story of the city of fame, where normal is not normal and abnormal is normal. City where everything is back than usual.
In such a madhouse Taylor Donovan thinks if she stay cool, calm and extremely focused on her work, nothing will be able to dazzle and distract her.
Run's seat of her law firm in Chicago to  offices in Los Angeles, Taylor thinks that here she can work the same as in Chicago.

But when she receives a task that is beyond its obligations for which gathered here or be a tutor of Sexiest man alive,for the legal thriller he should shoot she will simply make it clear that sometimes ....... shit happens !!!

And he is confident, popular, irresistible and it has just named the Sexiest man alive, women tends to fall at his feet, for first time will hear NO from a woman.


Coincidentally it's the only woman who managed to keep his attention.

The only woman that could be a perfect opponent and partner.
One that he most desires !!!

In private life Taylor never allow a man to play with her. So when she understand that this time too soon brought judgment, and that the city of fame where nothing are real this celebrity is more real than she could imagine, will wake up all her senses.

What happens when sexiest man alive  has eyes only for you?
What if he can only be yours?
Or if suddenly the unreal becomes real?

When Taylor realizes that Jason is not one of the many male gods that appear at every turn around Los Angeles for the first time in her perfect life becomes a mess.

But when, Jason Andrews suddenly in front of all  America will become withdrawn and quiet andsuddenly will  describe you like  AMAZING …… maybe it's time to admit you're a step away from moment to make the biggest mistake of your life.

Perhaps the time is right to admit that the only person that could break your heart is actually the only one that is supposed to possess it.

But when you learn that there is no crying in baseball ...........

However only one .... I am here for you Jason would change things.


Now here you would ask me and what is missing in this story?

Boasting energy that is felt in all the books of James. In this book all the action takes place in Los Angeles, but I have a feeling like going to Chicago. Does not have the excitement in the plot, one that causes your book insomnia. Charms which attracts. In this book I did not saw myself in the character of Taylor,for the first time I read about some character.

I do not say that the book is not good, NO NO NO !!!
I dont want to be misunderstood!
Simply .... I cant say that this book left me with a strong impression.......that's all :/

For this Saturday night ....... this is the end  :D

Your Royal Girl <3 


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