So ..... Let's Start !!!

For a long time,I was preparing to start blogging.
I needed to think well,before deciding what I want on my blog.
By nature,I am the coffee and wine lover,accompanied by good food.But,out there in the end,
in the corner of my soul,I adore to see style and beauty on the street in the image of successful men and women.
And somewhere in between,suitcase and passport are always ready for trip.
Well ..... I needed about a year,at the end my favorite book decide for me.

Like many of you,which I hope you will read me. I am of those who according to recent studies belong on a generation that set new trends in reading.

And ...... please don't ask what generation :)

It's simple ..... POTTER Generation!!!

After seven books,eight movies,six years at Hogwarts,three best friends,one Dark Lord
The Second Battle od Hogwarts put THE END of our Childhood.

As always ..... Good defeat Evil!!!

However ..... J.K.Rowling after a long time this year at her 51th  Birthday,36st on Harry and the 19th anniversary of the publication of the first Harry Potter Book, DECIDED ...... TO OPEN the closed doors of our childhood,to refresh one of the most beautiful memories,to give us back the loved magic.

But .... this time she isn't alone.Along with Tiffany and Throne,on the 31th  July this 2016 year,


Story which we preferred.
Story which we imagined.
The Story we are looking for.
Story we are wating for.
FINALLY ..... We geted!!!

The story of the boy who lived.
The story about Harry Potter, 19 years later.

Then .... Let's talk about this story.
Ugh .... guys!!!
I think ..... I overreacted .....
For begining, I thought in my first post to write about my opininion and the expectation of the eight part of Harry Potter.

But ..... it seems overreacted with this post .... WELL ...
Then you need to read next one :D


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