So ..... this is my second post.
Like I said in my first post,in this I will write about my expectations of eight story for Harry Potter.

First thought,do not wait to translate on Macedonian or Serbian,or perheps to buy one that stunning on the day of global promotion reached here.

In English!!!

However .... finally I decided for English.
This is my first book in English.Until today I did not have custom to read books in English.
But .... waiting for months to be translate into my native language or an adjacent like Serbian ...... Ouch .... the thought, kills me :)

However !!!

I finished in three days. Deliberately,I was read slowly wishing that long to keep near to my bed,instead on shelves of my library.
Parallel while reading the book,I was read many different views,opinions and reviews.
Finally,I decided in my first,now unplanned second post,to give my opinion.
Many of you are disappointed,some are confused.


However .... I'm writing this post right !?

So .... let's get start .....!!!

Somehow .... things in the while book are going too fast.
Just as I started reading,I was at King's Cross Station and suddenly in the next chapter I'm in the second school year. For a wery short time to reach the year when Lilly walked in Hogwarts.
I'm little confused. I can clearly imagine the action.But i didn't expect that we'll have to read between the lines. I expected more for the introduction and beginning of friendship between Scorpius and Albus,more sarcasam from Rose. At last i expected one school day,a penalty,a few deducted points from Gryffindor and Slytherin.
Hounted House Cup, maybe ?!

And .... I was looking for James.
But not only on the station,before each start of school year. I mean somewhere around the corridors of Hogwarts, in the common room of Gryffindor,on the classes maybe?
Indeed .... Where is James ?!

Whille,having searched for the high raised hand of Rose on every possible class,or Albus's hand on Neville's class.
Speaking about Neville, where it is?
Really .... Where are George,Angelina,Bill,Fleur and Luna???
Or .... Teddy???!!!
There is absolutely NO sentence about Teddy.
I relly looked forward to it,and imagined a small version of Lupin and Tonks.
Hahahaha .... Can you imagine?

And Victoria?
Imagineg ... NO I do expect this love!
Teddy and Victoria
Oh,yes! I see very clearly this picture .... but ..... it doesn't Teddy and Victoria ..... It's Tonks and Remus,only slightly younger.

Well I wonder ...... Could this section to have a little more love ?

For example : Draco and Astoria !?

Wasn't it possible to begin the good side of Draco from here?
This Draco ..... full of love for his only son.
Draco why finally resist Lucius in the name of Love. Yet the same love doesn't destroy the reputation of his family name.
Speaking of Malfoy .....
Isn't possible in the whole story,somehow through the corridors of Hogwarts to sneak the love between Scorpius and Rose,a little more?
There was no time for date between Rose and Scorpius,for one kiss perhaps?
For one I Love You,between them ?

And George?
It wasn't the right time for successful business to the most beloved,crazy,best twin?
At last on behalf of the memory of Fred?
For one Christmas in The Burrow with all Weasley's and a new jumper for everyone as a gift?

Finally ..... I got to the Delphy !!!

Daughter of Voldemort and Bellatrix !!!
Here,I was expecting a little more details.
Maybe ..... returning back trough time,we could see the relationship between Ballatrix and Voldemort.
Of course I know, Voldemort had nothing good, doesn't know about love .... BUT .... However .... HE AND BELLATRIX HAVE A CHILD!!!

Through the years we were waiting of eidht part, we were looking for a milion scenes between Bellatrix and Voldemort.
Her declaration of love,her faithfulness ( behind the image of most loyal servent ) her biggest support.
At last,like any person in this world,all of us looked for good here.

We imagined a milion scenes,where showing out primitive,too low need depending on the Dark Lord of Bellatrix.
Speaking of freedom in proceedings of Bellatrix in previous three parts,made up the image of the correlation between them.
We wanted for his requisite of recognition that he can't feel love, but if he could ..... she would be the only one that he would belong !!!

From here I will as again .....
It wasn't possible to see this relationship about what it was ?!

At last I had feeling that Delphy has fallen from Mars.
I would like to feel that she is real and not just nightmare in the Harry's head.

However .... When I closed the book doesn't appear the feeling of wasted time and money.
Something I meet with many Potter fans. NO NO !!! I wasn't disappointed.
Absolutely I stand behind all those expectations that have emerged from the moment when Jo broke the monotony of life.

And YEAH ..... I don't know about you, but I could clearly imagine the scenes while riding.
Such as those ...... like fight between Harry and Draco in the kitchen of Harry and Ginny's house.
Especially I love the moment when Ginny enters with " What I missd ?" and her special smile as
"Ok guys, If you two are finished,let's get back in this life and find our children. Shell we ?"
Or the appearance of the Hermione in the McGonagall's office. She is so upset because its so late, but offcorse she is on time like always.

So ..... maybe it would been better .... if instead script from two parts and four acts, we had two real books?
Simply .... a book in two parts, or the better one story in two books,like " first and second part ".

Hmmmm ..... However .....

Rowling,Tiffany and Throne



  1. I didnt really like cursed child but i love Harry Potter

  2. I haven't read this one but I have all the others

  3. I am a huge Harry Potter fan and I did enjoy the Cursed Child. Because it is a published play it can't have the build up that the other HP books had. It took me a while to adjust to the script reading style but I just made sure that I always remembered that it was not written to be a book.

    1. Yeah you are right it's play script not book, but definitely I was expecting more.
      But at the end it's wonderful story just like whole Harry Potter.
      And I am HUGE FAN too 😀 that's why I started my blog with review for Harry Potter 😊

  4. I've had the book since the day it was released, but I've never actually read it. Love your thoughts.

    1. COME ON you must read it.... It's Harry Potter how can you keep it on shelfs and not read it. I finished it in two days hhahahah it's definitely Jo's style with some differences by other authors but it's Potter life 😉

  5. Great review, I have heard mix reviews about this book but I'm glad you really like this book. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome post.

    1. I read it a lots reviews before I started mine and everyone were different thoughts. But I think it's wonderful script, because it's definitely HP story nothing's changed so I love it.


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